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OH, SHIT, 我的畢業劇本,不是講這回事嗎﹖(雖然最後沒有自殺。)




星期二, 2月 21, 2006

Finally, on air

Here comes the link for my radio drama performance(In English, i can see how disappointed they are after the recording, haha), simple click the following link and choose listern. If u are a bit impatient about not hearing my voice, u are suggested to tune to 8 mins of the track.

Have a good ride.


星期一, 2月 20, 2006


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留意圖中的電話,唱片可是用LP sized的封套包裝的,內有美美的照片。


星期六, 2月 18, 2006

Sense of Belongings

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今天看完了「行草二」後,跟林懷民老師做了一個小訪問後,有幸跟他們一塊去酒店食東西,認識到雲門的dancer儀君及兩名來自德國的記者,他們都讓我見識了sense of belongings。

儀 君在雲門已十二年了,跟她聊天,你就知道她對雲門的感情有多深。說起去年,狂草被phantom of the opera及berliner狂攻,說起政府給的經費看來很多,其實很少呀,眼眶都禁不住紅了起來,很激動的樣子。特別說到,有大陸人叫他們植根內地,大 陸那麼多地方,不怕生存不到時,她很強調的說,雲門是台灣的,根在台灣時。她眼中那種對台灣土地的深情,真的教人感動,也看到她真的很愛台灣及雲門。這種 對自家藝團及土地的熱愛,抱歉,在香港真的看不到。

另外,德國的記者,當然啦,相對就理智很多(這也關係到我跟她們的對話也很理智呀), 但令人難忘的是,儘管德國的藝術可能在經濟上不太 productive,甚至要倒貼很多錢,報紙上的arts page也由四、五版,減少至兩版左右,但他們認為情況不會惡化下去,因為他們的藝術是可以代表德國及德國人的。




譬如說,當一個舞團百分之九十的舞者都是來自大陸,作品也跟香港沒有什麼關係(or even falsely projected),那為什麼我們要支持呢﹖


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morningloria比打頭陣,感覺清新,但如果多少少warm up同交流就仲好。


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project yourself

Today, i want to talk about how does it feel when working in a small scale media which doesn't have large circulation and good reputation.

It's hard. Especially for a guy who have worked in a number one circulation news magazine.
In the past, when people get to know your magazine, either they would feel disguised or they would think it's cool.

Here, people from the outside would usually think the paper have political standpoint and don have good feeling about it and it's reporter too.

luckily i didn't encounter anyone who is rude or impolite or to look down on me just because of the name of my company.

I think the best way to work as a reporter here, is to project yourself with even MORE confidence and don let your interviewee's bad expectation fullfilled. you have to show your own strength and talent, and show them u are the top in the field.

Thanks god, i am doing exceptionally well recently, thanks to my boss who let me do whatever i like and let me seriously build up my connection by allowing me to go to functions which have no instant benefit to the paper.

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My comment on the legend of white snake has been sent to the ArtFest. I am pleased that the Fest responded me right after and gave me positive feedback.

Luckily, There is still hope.

My view on 白蛇新傳

First The production is far NOT satisfactory. To be fair, the concept is meaningful and sounds promising. However, the main plot is not strong enough to support a 3 hours musical, sub-plot should be introduced where it hasn't. It results in a lot of hard jokes and meaningless plotline used to fill up the plot holes. Also, character building is weak.

Acting is good, music is fine,(though without memorable tune), but the directing is not good enough. It reminds me a lot of trash local movies of the 80's which also contain hard jokes and meaningless plotline and dialogues. (無厘頭 can be really funny and interesting, but this drama is running on the other side.) It tries to contain multi-cultural elements of HK environment, but clearly it lost its way by just being too greedy. As a result, the drama turns out to be chaotic and messy as well

Moreover, the set design is simply terrible(not to mention the Guanyin). I have no idea whether it is because of the budget constraint.

In the second scene of Act 1 when the Guomingtung is matching with the Communist Party to show the unification of the Chinese people, I should say it is nothing but superficial. It tries to demontrate its ambition of being a Les Miserable-typed of musical, but it fails. Obviously, Victor can't convince me when he told me his idea on this scene during the post-performance interview.

I watched the Girl from 1941 and The Border City, but i have to say this one is the worst among the three.

Without doubt , the musical did showcast the artistic talents of HK drama scene, but i don think it can represent HK. After the show, I heard comment from a foreigner who's an art editor of an english magazine. She said she expect the largest local production in HK artfest would be, simply better.

I don't have any expectation on this production prior watching, but i was disappointed after the show.

I urge the ArtFest to seriously evalue this production after the fest. Personally, i think Theatre Ensemble, Prospects Theatre or even W theatre would be a much better choice to represent HK in a relatively large-scaled drama production.

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