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Van Gogh version#1

I am really surprised to watch such a vivid documentary on an artist life on TV. The programme is produced by Channel 4, my favourite channel in UK focusing on TV progame in art, and was broadcasted by TVB today.

In the first episode, the early life of Van Gogh is portraited which started from his birth in
Holland, to his early working journey in Britain, and finally back to Holland after the frustration on the attempt to become a missioner for Jesus Christ.

As a 25 years old guy who always feels confused about the future, the story of Van Gogh is quite inspiring. You may think he found his own destiny and destiny in an early time, or he could not have huge artistic achievement. Indeed, the decision had to be made with a strong will, however his decision in pursuit of art fulfillment was not to be made until at the age of 27.

Before the decision came to be made, he has been doing several jobs. As his father was a very successful art dealer, he was arranged to be employed as a customer service provider in a gallery, job duty including ass-kissing to riches by praising their weary taste on art. After being fired as being missioner from the Church, he underwent a period of confusion. But finally, he finds his mission and talent on being an artist.

There were several twisting points in his early life. He might be an art dealer, book store manager, teacher or even a priest. However, the fact that he was not a good employee for the above posts made him step into an artistic path.

So the story telling us that the path for everyone comes in a different time, some may come earlier, some may come a bit later. So I guess, at least I try to believe, a true calling would be arrived finally and great achievement should come along.

Another fascinating part of Van Gogh is definitely his love life. It is reported that he fell in love with a widow, who had a son already. The portrait of the widow doesn’t look attractive at all, even a lot older than Van Gogh. Such weird pursuit on love finally scars the widow when Van Gogh tried to show his heart to her. It inevitably results in the fluctuation on his emotion. One week later, he made an even more astonishing decision, to marry a prostitute, Sien.

The decision is not hard to explain. As finally Van Gogh found a woman who was fully dependable on him and would like to stay with him for the rest of his life. The act seems to be a symbol of reassuring himself as the God of his life. However, Sien was described as unattractive and even ugly. Van Gogh actually drew a picture on her titled “sorrow”. He intended to show her strength on fighting the pains of life. The textile of the skin reminds me the roots of tree.

As Van Gogh finally came to the days with a lovely family, things should go smoothly afterward. Shouldn’t it? Well, let see.

星期二, 4月 19, 2005


今天去了藝術中心,特意為明天作準備。來到五樓的"Seven"日本設計師聯展,發現了這張由服部一成設計的JR print ad,才驚覺純影像,也可造成如些驚人的效果。温暖而純真的感覺,叫人馬上想訂張火車票,周末前往郊遊。如果我坐地鐵都可以有咁既feel的話,你話幾好呢!!

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